Hailing from the green mountains of Vermont, Ariana Fay is a 24-year old singer, songwriter, and producer currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Ariana began singing and writing music as soon as she learned how to speak, counting the great female jazz, r&b and soul vocalists amongst her earliest inspirations. Growing up in a musical and artistic family, her father (an accomplished instrumentalist and folk singer/songwriter) and her grandmother (a classical pianist who introduced Ariana to classic Broadway and Hollywood musicals) also became two of her greatest musical influences. Like Beyoncé, one of her favorite artists, Ariana has created an all-female band and strives to work with women in all aspects of her music production. During her studies at Loyola University New Orleans, where she received a Bachelor of Music degree in voice and a minor in English literature, Ariana immersed herself in the rich cultural and musical mecca of New Orleans and dove deeper into songwriting for her solo project. Working closely with her girlfriend, Bryn Bliska (a versatile keyboardist, writer, and producer from California), Ariana is polishing her debut EP due to release in Fall 2017. The two met one another in  2009, when they clicked at a Berklee College of Music summer program, and through their collaboration, have crafted soulful and sun-lit songs about love, longing, and new beginnings.